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Mark Milly x Reality ‘The Don’ – Party Up

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment
The brand new club smash “Party Up” comes from Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly & Reality ‘The Don’ 2 young, aspiring recording artists from Baltimore, MD who also happen to be business partners & entrepreneur’s… with two growing companies/lifestyle brands building a buzz in and around the entertainment industry.
Here goes their first major single of 2009 which also will carry over into 2010!

I like this track. I’m a beast in beer pong. Well, I was. Still I’ll out-drink many, many people. And Milly x Reality didn’t just include one version. They included the mixtape version, the acapella, the club mix, the radio edit, and the radio acapella. But don’t worry. They gave us all of them in one nice little package. You can get that after the break.

– Megatron

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