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A Farewell To WordPress

November 29, 2009 1 comment

Hello there viewers. As you have been reading on Twitter, is going to undergo a drastic change. That means losing all my visitor counts, losing ALL my previous posts, and leaving behind a great blogging site. Why, you ask?

I want to make things easier on you.

Sometimes I get music in the middle of the afternoon and, most of the time, I’m not home. So I don’t get to post it until that night and then it’s been retweeted and retweeted and it loses its buzz. So, with where I am going, you will get the tracks as soon as I get them.

That’s a plus. will STILL be an active domain… but for Tumblr. It makes blogging easier for me and easier for you to access content. I will link to this site if you want all the dope music. And yes, I know I am giving up EVERYTHING but I want a fresh start. No…

I need a fresh start.

A lot of my pageviews are from old Drake mixtapes I posted and nude pics of Cassie and such. Besides, with Tumblr I can post reviews in a cinch. And do quotes and stuff… makethe blog a little more interesting and creative. Because here at…. we like to make things creative.

So you’ll still see the same dope music as you’ve always seen. You’ll still see me saying “dope” in every post and in every way imaginable. You’ll still see me posting to Twitter (also, I can get the posts to go straight to twitter… faster viewing for the masses).

If all I cared about was me I wouldn’t change a thing. But I care about all you good viewers. So, until the next time… this is Megatron saying goodbye to WordPress and hello to Tumblr.

Here is the NEW place for HAILMEGATRON

So, again, this site will still be up. I’m just starting fresh. Pleased to meet you. My name is Megatron.

The future.



iDopeboy presents: Why Is My Mixtape Named After Christina Aguilera? (Reality “The Don”)

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

So about two weeks ago we brought you the first edition of this tape. Now, Reality “The Don” has remixed the tape and it’s even better than the original IMO. Been listening to it since I got home and I can see this being added to the iPhone real quick. So if you liked the original, download this after the break.

And make sure you check out iDopeboy for the full artwork.

– Megatron

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Decepticast: Volume One

November 18, 2009 1 comment

The wait is over. The first episode of Decepticast is now LIVE and for your listening pleasure. Featuring tracks from Starrz, Sage Bravo, Skeptic, Ca$hflow, and many more. I want to thank all the artists for giving me dope music to play and for everyone to listen. If you have any comments about Decepticast, hit the c-section.

Otherwise… check it out after the break.

**** NOTE **** The Carlie Bravo track on the show somehow ported over terribly. The track is all slow and everything and I apologize. Included, after the jump, is the downloadable track. I didn’t catch it cuz when it played I thought thats how it sounded but its not. So after the jump is Decepticast x Carlie Bravo. Apologies to everyone.

Oh, and Ca$hflow is only doing it for 30 days, not 90. It was 4 AM… I apologize.

– Megatron

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iDopeboy presents: Why Is My Mixtape Named After Christina Aguilera?

November 7, 2009 1 comment


How about this, eh? iDopeboy started putting this mixtape together today and finally got it finished by 9PM Friday night. I’m posting late because I didn’t get home till now. Still, I’m glad to have my name associated with this. It has the likes of Mark Milly, Hollywood FLOSS, Ca$hflow, Reality The Don, and many more dope artists. So… what are you waiting for? Download this dope mixtape after the jump.

– iMegatron

Read more… Presents: A Kid Named Cudi Instrumentals (A Noir! Production)

September 7, 2009 5 comments


This is a special treat for your Labor Day Monday. Noir and I hooked up to present to you A Kid Named Cudi Instrumentals. This little production has a lot of the beats from A Kid Named Cudi and a few more on there for your listening pleasure. Make sure you cop this production because it is dope! But, don’t take my word for it. Download it and find out yourself.

You can get the album art, tracklist, and download link after the jump. Enjoy!

– iMegatron

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iMegatron x presents: iMegatron 3GS (Mixtape)

August 10, 2009 1 comment


The wait is over. The next installment of my mix series is finally here. This mix takes a different turn than D.O.A. (Death of Autobots) did in the fact that this one is a bit more personal. You can tell how personal it is right out the gate. This took about a month and a bit to put together and if it wasn’t for all the underground/independent artists, this would have been just another mixtape. But the independent artists have a special… vibe to them and I can relate to it. So I want you all to download this mixtape, relax with it and vibe with it. It takes you on a journey through sound. And the mixtape itself is like an iPhone and the songs are like apps.

There’s an app for everything.

Download link x Tracklist after the break.

– iMegatron

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