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Inside The Mind… $. Killah

October 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


In this short interview, I talk with S. Killah about his past, his present, and his future. It’s a good interview and I hope to have more of these soon. Sorry this took so long to get up. Most of you who follow me on Twitter know what’s been going on the last month and a half.

Check the interview under the cut.

iMegatron: $. Killah, How we doin’ today?

$. Killah: Real good man. I can’t complain.

iMegatron: That’s always good when you have no complaints. So, first things first… tell me a little about yourself.

$. Killah: Well, I started rappin’ in ’04 but I’ve always been in love with music and rhyming.

iMegatron: Who did you envy when you first started rapping? Or, rather, who did you admire?

$. Killah: I’m a big Jay-Z fan but I’ve always envied Kardinal Offishall.

iMegatron: Any particular reason?

$. Killah: It comes so fluidly from both of them you can’t help but strive for that. It’s so natural but still filled with substance

iMegatron: I feel you on that. So you come from a West Indian family. Tell me how that has affected your musical style.

$. Killah: Well, West Indians are always up for a party so I love to add a little something fun to my spit whether it’s a funny one liner or what have you.

iMegatron: Right, right. It keeps your style different from everyone else’s. I can respect that. Do you collaborate with any other artists or do you roll solo?

$. Killah: I was fortunate to collab with a couple underground artist, Skimp Killah, Getemobb & Jynx. I have a musical family I run with who I constantly do songs and mixtaped with also.

iMegatron: Talk a little more about that family if you don’t mind.

$. Killah: well xxg is the group I started with back in ’04 and we did that up until ’07. We were all in high school having fun just a bunch of people I grew up with. Only two of them rap still though which is a shame because I felt we had real talent then I got with another group called doomcrew and we were doing like 5 songs a day!

iMegatron: Damn, thats insane!

$. Killah: Serious grinding and everyday they would say I should go solo so I tried it out and everyone loved it so I started my solo joints. I’ll tell you those studio sessions were insane! We all just vibe off each other it was easy, it’s always easier with people who are on the same wave length as u

iMegatron: Yeah it is. Makes things much easier. So, do you have any projects coming out?

$. Killah: I have a mixtape called A Night Of SuperHeroes Villains and KillaH that I’m almost done with, and I just started my album called Qwest 4 The Truth. I’m just trying to stay busy.

iMegatron: Do you have a estimated time when A Night Of SuperHeroes Villains and KillaH will be released?

$. Killah: The latest will be Halloween but it’s looking like mid October.

iMegatron: Nice, I know I’ll be looking forward to that. How is your album coming along?

$. Killah: I had a lot of previous songs written and a abundance of beats so it’s going real quick. a whole lot faster than I anticipated which is not a bad thing at all!

iMegatron: No it is not. Well, KillaH it’s been real good to talk to you. Do you have any last words?

$. Killah: My last words are these: Watch out for me because if you blink yuh might miss me


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