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Mark Milly – King Of The East Coast (Mixtape)

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So, I’ve racked my brain for 10 minutes trying to come up with a better description of this mixtape but this just… it just is spot on:

“King Of The Eastcoast”King n. 2. The most powerful or eminent of a group, category, or place.

East n. – The eastern part of a region or country, esp. the Orient. —adj.

With 3 mixtape releases already behind him, this is Milly’s most“official” piece of work to date.

(Go back and listen to his old[er] projects to see how far he has progressed as an artist.)

Hailing from Baltimore, MD b.k.a “The Home Of The Wire” a.k.a “Charm City”, he is one of the most talented and diverse artist(s) to come from his area. The style that he produces is like no other and some of the images he brings out in his music is unbelivable. He can ‘rap‘ with the best of them but don’t get him confused with these “rappers“, thats quite disrespectful! But why would he call himself “King Of The Eastcoast”? What has he accomplished? Where’s his record deal? How much has he sold?

NOT IMPORTANT! The title isn’t meant to be cocky or disrespectful to anyone. But everyone should feel like their ‘thee best’, even if they may not be. Right?! Milly feels as though he’s the king because of how ‘powerful’ his music/movement can be. He should be at the top! He deserves to wear the crown! He wants to be one of the faces that represents the east coast and one day he will be! THE TIME IS NOW!

Has he already done it?

Stay Tuned…

“King Of The Eastcoast, I won’t settle for my city!” – Baltimore’s Savior

I got this advance a few weeks ago and I have loved it front and back. Mark Milly is definitely a threat. Also, you might notice some of these tracks if you’ve been following the 30 Days/30 Songs series. Regardless, get the mixtape after the jump.
– iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Mark Milly – King Of The East Coast (Mixtape)

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