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Inside The Mind… Mar Mcloud

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Haven’t had one of these in a while and I figured I should restart it with an interview with one part of A-List Society… Mar McLoud. In this interview he talks about his project, The Other Side, and some of his inspiration. It’s a very good read so make sure you get it after my name.

– iMegatron

iMegatron: Mar Mcloud… how we doin’ today?

Mar Mcloud: I’m doin’ good man, chillin’ in the cafe at DSU.

iMegatron: Nice, sounds pretty good. You gettin’ any inspiration there?

Mar Mcloud: Well mostly for tracks about stomach aches haha.

iMegatron: Ha, sounds about right. So, you just recently started working on your solo project The Other Side. Tell me a little about that and how it’s progressing

Mar Mcloud: Well so far I have about 6 completed tracks for it.

iMegatron: That’s cool… any standout ones right now?

Mar Mcloud: Well right now my favorite is the title track “The Other Side”.

iMegatron: That’s a very good track. I remember when that came out a while ago I listened to that on repeat. So, tell me, what producers are you working with on this album?

Mar Mcloud: Well it’s just one producer. That’s how I wanted it.

iMegatron: Who would that be?

Mar Mcloud: My man Luminiscent, this kid from Amsterdam.

iMegatron: Nice. He’s a damn good producer. So are you having any guest spots on your album? Any appearances by your A-List member McNyce?

Mar Mcloud: Well here’s the thing with that. When I have a collab in mind, I have a general idea of who I want on the track with me. So, as of now, there’s no one from my group on the album but it may change.

iMegatron: Ah I see. Speaking of A-List, when did you guys form and when did you start making music?

Mar Mcloud: Well we formed in 12th grade and that’s when we started recording.

iMegatron: That’s cool. What kind of things inspired you guys to make music?

Mar Mcloud: Well we just all like rapping and wanted to make songs.

iMegatron: No specific musical inspirations?

Mar Mcloud: People like Lupe, Kanye, CRS to begin with.

iMegatron: All great. What were your inspirations for The Other Side?

Mar Mcloud: Wow, a bunch. Let’s see… music wise it was XV and Charles Hamilton. I love their sound and the stories they tell so I wanted to make something timeless. Also, my group members were inspiration because they both have solo tapes out so I guess it’s my turn.

iMegatron: XV does tell great stories. Those are some good inspirations though. Any timeframe for when your project is coming out?

Mar Mcloud: Well, college is a life leech so as soon as I get a break I’ll be back in my studio

iMegatron: Thats good then. Do you have anything else coming after The Other Side?

Mar Mcloud: Yeah I got a project I want to do called The College Opt-out.

iMegatron: Pretty clever, actually.

Mar Mcloud: Yea, it’s gonna be dope

iMegatron: So any last words or shoutouts you have?

Mar Mcloud: Yea shout out to you for takin’ time out to talk to me. Much appreciated. Shout out to the A-List Team and shout out to the future.

  1. September 23, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    I think this is a great interview, it portrays the mindset and ideas of an upcoming artist perfectly…GO MARR MCLOUD!!!!!

  2. rapper*s_delight
    September 23, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    yah, i mean, we always see intervies from kanye…jay, you know, but its good to see what the aspiring are thinking…this dude sound cool…

  3. tayahsteeezz
    September 23, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    any links to A-list music, or Mar mcloud music? would love to hear

  4. Shanell
    September 23, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    some of his music is already on this site actually, along with a few a-list tracks i believe, check it out!! you can also find their music on imeem

  5. McNyce
    September 23, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    shouts to my man Mar holdin down A-List and always bein so well spoken. and shouts to iMegatron on the shout out.

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