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Inside The Mind… Ca$hflow


Likin’ the new layout? I do and with new layouts come new images so be prepared. This site is about to get serious. Anyways, on this installment of Inside The Mind… we chat it up with Ca$hflow and talk about his upcoming project Sounds. It sounds (pun intended?) pretty dope to me. But don’t take my word for it. Hit the jump and peep the interview.

– iMegatron

iMegatron: Ca$hflow, hows it goin’?

Ca$hflow: Good man. Just relaxing right now. Been working on Sounds non-stop it seems so I’m just taking some time to breathe easy.

iMegatron: I feel ya on that. Are you making good progress on Sounds?

Ca$hflow: Yeah man. It basically done but I insist that everything be as near to perfect as I can get it so I’ve just been going back through everything, checking the mixes and what not. But yeah, I have like 1 more hook to record and it’ll be done.

iMegatron: Dope. Tell me a little bit about the production on Sounds. Who did you get to produce or did you do it all yourself?

Ca$hflow: No I actually haven’t produced anything on this project. Sounds is a project where I display my growth as a person and an artist but I always want to display the talents of people I feel deserve it. Sean Divine, Vybe Beatz, Riggs and a few others helped out with the production.

iMegatron: Have you worked with them before? If so, did you think their sound would help your growth as a person and an artist?

Ca$hflow: Yeah those 3 I mentioned did most of the production on “The Midnight Hour” (my first solo mixtape) and I like the feeling of how that tape meshed so I wanted to bring that again. Sean Divine is a beast on the keys and his beats (or at least the ones I use) are very Electronic and have a really uptempo feel to them. Vybe comes with alot of melody and hard hitting bass. Riggs always comes out of left field and crafts these beats that I just feel the need to get on. It just works out.

iMegatron: That’s a good mix of talent on this project. What was your inspiration for creating Sounds?

Ca$hflow: I feel like a lot of artists these days get categorized or they categorize themselves as one type of artist. Whether it be southern, west coast, etc when a lot of people start the creative process they look for beats and the write songs that appeal to certain feelings and that’s what crafts their “sound”. I’ve lived all over the place and I’d like to think that my “sound” is my voice. I don’t make southern music or hipster rap or whatever whatever. I just do me and I wanted to illustrate that for everyone else to hear. Does that make sense?

iMegatron: Yup, sure does. You’re basically saying your sound is you and no one else’s.

Ca$hflow: Yeah. One of the blessings that has come from that is that I’ve never been compared to another artist. A lot of people sound like x or look like x but that’s never been me. I just do me.

iMegatron: That’s a great quality to have now-a-days when artists are trying to sound like Kid Cudi’s and Drake’s. It gets annoying.

Ca$hflow: I agree. I mean, there are many artists that have influenced me and my music but I never try to just emulate someone else’s sound. Every time I record I’ll put something on and just zone to it and see what happens but its never like I try to replicate someone else’s work. Doing that takes away from the art form.

iMegatron: Yeah because then there is no originality in hip hop. So, what kind of tracks can we expect on Sounds?

Ca$hflow: One big party lol. There’s a couple serious tracks on there where I touch on some pretty deep stuff but for the most part its all just uptempo, feel good music. The features I got on this tape just add to all that. It’s gonna be crazy.

iMegatron: Who do you have featured on the tape? Or do we have to wait and find out?

Ca$hflow: Nah I can give a little list. My dude Jesty Beatz is on the “Some Things Never Change” That record is crazy. The next single I’m dropping is a record called “Peep My Game” and it features B/A and Willie Joe. That song is wild. Kyle Lucas is on the tape. My dude Choze makes an appearance. Young Son, Mar Mcloud, Jay Who?, and Yung Nate are on there. There’s a few more surprises that you’ll hafta wait for but it’s definitely a good look for hip hop. There’s alot of up and comers on the project and a lot of veterans as well

iMegatron: That’s a dope lineup man. Choze and Mar Mcloud are great artists. I just recently got back into Kyle Lucas so that will be dope to hear you two on a track together. After Sounds, are there any other projects you have lined up?

Ca$hflow: Yeah man. I actually have a super secret project that only like 5 people know about that I’m gonna drop on January 8th. If you Google that date then you may be able to figure out what’s going on. But for that I’m working directly with 2 producers to get a super unique sound for that. It’s gonna be ridiculous. Beyond that I have no idea

iMegatron: Damn, super secret? I’ll have to keep my eye out for that one. Well man thanks for the dope interview. Any last words?

Ca$hflow: Yeah dude. Thanks for your support. All I have to say is get ready for October 2nd. The record is gonna be huge.

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