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This dude is dope. Really dope. Here’s some more about him:

To “true school” hip-hop listeners, the radio is dead; magazine coverage matters little; and the television couldn’t be less of a concern. One of the most respected underground lyricists from the South, Emcee Lyrikill, views a different future for the music of a generation than today’s commercial variety suggests. With his debut album, Heart & Sole, Lyrikill begins to repaint hip-hop as the incomparable image on presented on the canvas of southern living.

Being involved in New Orleans’ hip-hop scene since 1999, the emcee formed close bonds with several fellow emcees and established the underground hip-hop and mixtape crew Eupham. Through original elements of hip-hop culture – social awareness, fellowship, cunning lyrical style, and flow friendly production – Eupham represents the principle that hip-hop is more than music, it’s art.

In preparing his trio of projects for wide release, ‘Kill decided to tackle three of his passions—hip hop, shoes, and art. The first of these is a mixtape titled, KILLmatic, a collage of tracks that pays homage to a hip-hop classic. The second is the aforementioned Heart & Sole, which combines social awareness with Lyrikill’s passion for sneakers. He will close out the trio with a late 2009 release entitled The Canvas which is his “pivotal work of art through hip-hop music.”

Lyrikill has graced stages alongside Mos Def, Afrika Bambaataa, Dilated Peoples, Zion I, Camp Lo, Heiroglyphics, Living Legends, and Jurassic 5 among others. His Euphonetiks crew has achieved notoriety through the release of mixtapes and a debut album which received critical acclaim from various magazines and internet sites. He hosts New Orleans’ premier beat battle and artists showcase “soundCLASH” and is readying the release of Statik Selektah’s Down Bottom/Up Top series of which he is the lead off feature.

Heart & Sole is set to release 9/8/2009 on Eupham/Elevated Minds and will be available through Amagalm Digital, iTunes and Amazon.

Don’t sleep on this dude. I have, for you good people, 100 Years and I’m That Dude. You can get those after the jump.

– iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Lyrikill – 100 Years
DOWNLOAD: Lyrikill – I’m That Dude (Radio Edit)

  1. August 22, 2009 at 2:27 am

    EFF YAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. August 23, 2009 at 4:13 am

    Check my brother out….finally some of that real New Orleans Hip-Hop!

  1. August 23, 2009 at 4:12 pm

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