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Inside The Mind… Kevin Abstract


Well, it was bound to happen. iMegatron is in the interviewing business now. The first installment is with the extremely creative artist Kevin Abstract. If you haven’t heard his mixtape, Relax, I will include that after the interview. He’s a really nice guy and he’s a hard worker. In the interview, we talk about Relax, his inspirations, and his upcoming projects.

You can check the interview after clicking the link below.


iMegatron: What’s good Kevin Abstract?

Kevin Abstract: Nothin’ much man just listening to Charles Hamilton. How you doing man?

iMegatron: I’m doin’ good myself. So tell me, first off, how long have you been making music?

Kevin Abstract: I started writing songs 4 years ago, but I wasn’t taking it serious. I basically started taking it serious two years ago. I would record on like a computer mic, then I stepped my game up a little with a Rock Band mic. But I had a pop filter, and now I have a Samsung. So yeah, much better now.

iMegatron: Damn a Rock Band mic? That’s dope. So what exactly was your goal with your latest mixtape Relax? Was it to provoke thought or was it meant to be played when someone just wanted to relax?

Kevin Abstract: Pretty much both, cause I was in a really happy state of mind at the time when I was workin’ on it. And pretty much every day I wanted to chill, so however I’m feelin’ the emotions come out in the music. I was feelin relaxed so…

iMegatron: Ha, Hence the title. But back to you. Who would you say is your musical inspiration?

Kevin Abstract: Kid Cudi, KanYe, and Em. Hands down, you may hear it in my music, may not.

I can hear resemblance of Cudi. Especially in the track Monsters. Do you do your own production? Or do you acquire other producers

Kevin Abstract: I’ve tried making beats but I pretty much suck at it. I work with the same producers pretty much every project, cause they are dope. But these projects I’m working on now, I’m doing a collab type thing one producer, one rapper. Like the old Hip-Hop joints, ya know?

iMegatron: I feel ya. Who are the producers you usually work with? And which ones helped you produce Relax?

Kevin Abstract: CJ The Genesis is someone I work with a lot and for Relax I worked with CJ The Genesis he did the intro, that’s like my theme music. Drew Beat he did Monsters and The Mist, Ishaq Fahim he did Soundless, Jaylen!,  Rollerino and my group Theory.

iMegatron: That’s a good lineup. The intro is a good beat for sure. My favorite track is the mist but that’s personal opinion. What was your inspiration for Relax?

Kevin Abstract: Thanks, one of my faves as well. And life [is where I get my inspiration]… and there was a little rumor going around saying I was taking someone’s style, I’m not taking anyone’s style. Just being me, which I always have been doing.

iMegatron: No I don’t think you’re taking anyone’s style. Your mixtape is a whole different genre. It’s hip hop but its experimental. It’s like the progressive rock of hip hop.

Kevin Abstract: Alternative Hip-Hop you could say. Thanks though, appreciate that.

iMegatron: No problem. So your next project is called BeyondOurDreams. Talk about that for a second.

Kevin Abstract: BeyondOurDreams is a project I’m doing with a friend of mine Sili, from Australia. When we first started it, it was going to be called “SundayMorningMusic” and it was gonna be a beat tape. But the more we got into the project, the more I realized production wasn’t for me. But we are stepping out the box with this one, sampling crazy stuff! Just anything that sounds good man.

iMegatron: Nice. Do you have a projected release date for it?

Kevin Abstract: Not just yet. The cover will be released soon, Dareen, a good friend of Sili and I. She did the artwork for it, we tossed ideas back in forth and came up with something real creative.

iMegatron: Oh really? I can’t wait for that to be released. Any other projects you are working on?

Kevin Abstract: Yes sir. I’m working on a project with a producer 5th Element, he produced Friends the interlude on my mixtape. The project is called “Kevins Elements” and I talk about someone going from pain, struggle, etc. and ending up happy. It’s gonna be like a movie. Then a project with Rollerino called “Same Time, Same Place” that one is just plain ol’ good music. It’s like Relax Part Two

iMegatron: Sounds like you have a lot of stuff going on. So what is the next move for Kevin Abstract after all these projects?

Kevin Abstract: To relax and start working on filming. I always wanted to do that and maybe work on my groups album? Who knows.

iMegatron: Your mixtapes do sound like films. It was great to chat with you. Any last words?

Kevin Abstract: Hey, great chat man, appreciate it.. And all I have to say is.. Do NOT sleep on me, if you sleep on me your sleeping on good music. Sounded like I’m hypin’ myself up right? This is how we chill from 09 till.

Nope it’s the truth. Don’t sleep. Many blogs have but not yours truly. I appreciate your time and talent.

– iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: Kevin Abstract – Relax (Mixtape)

  1. August 14, 2009 at 3:21 am

    Great interview, Kevin has improved alot since I first heard about a year ago. If you have any free time I would love to do an interview

  2. Kevin Abstract
    August 14, 2009 at 10:40 am

    Thanks man

  3. sili
    August 14, 2009 at 10:42 am


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