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Yet another feature on hailmegatron.net. City Council is a duo who you need to be up on. Jubee and Perry Valentyne have great chemistry together and they show it. They have a nice fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, and everything in between. But I can tell you how good they are until I’m blue in the face so I’ll let this help you out:

Residing in Macon Georgia the group has transformed the Macon sound with a soulful mix of hip-hop, and rock but not limiting themselves to just rap lyrics and guitar riffs City Council continues to change the makeup and face of music as they move their sound nationwide. While listening to City Council you will be captivated by the crossover sound and the energy that dominates their performance in every song.

I have three tracks for you. Electric Lady (my personal favorite), I See Ya Vision, and Cooler Side Of Town. All these tracks are available after the jump. And if you want more City Council, hit up their website which leads to their Myspace. Hell, why you’re there you can hit up my Myspace too.


– iMegatron

DOWNLOAD: City Council – Electric Lady
DOWNLOAD: City Council – I See Ya Vision
DOWNLOAD: City Council – Cooler Side Of Town

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