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JacquesMorel.com Presents: InDecent Exposure (Mixtape)

inDecent Exposure5

I just posted the artwork and the tracklist for this and now I have the mixtape. Shouts to JacquesMorel.com for creating this and I have to say… the mixtape itself is pretty dope. Well… he calls it an EP. Same thing, I guess.

Tracklist x Download link after the jump.

– iMegatron

  • Esso – Amateur Pornstar (Prod. By The Faculty)
  • Hi Class Ft. Cassie – Official Girl (RMX)(Prod. By Teck)
  • D. Julien Ft Cassie – Long Way to Go (RMX)(Prod. By Teck)
  • PreZZure Ft. Tempest, Cassie, & Rihanna – NY Daily News Headline (Prod By Charlemagne)
  • XV Ft. Cassie – Addicted (Prod. By Kingsmen Productions)
  • DOWNLOAD: JacquesMorels.com Presents: InDecent Exposure (Mixtape)

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