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Souled Out


Yes, stole the title from an old WCW PPV. However, it applies to thi. I have been sifting through all these different stories over the last few days hoping that I could find something I could sincerely blog about. It’s been kinda slow and that’s my blame. I know I say this a lot but twoshot won’t be in a drought anymore. This weekend, sometime, I’m going to unveil a weekly schedule that I will stick with and keep… hopefully making this blog more popular and *maybe* get some sponsors from other blogs and thusly… the trend continues.

I’m done rambling.

Do you remember when Lil’ Wayne used to care about music and was putting out mixtapes like they were going out of style? I do.

Tha Carter I & II were masterpieces in their own right. Full albums of Wayne going in on beats and not stopping after his first punchline. He’d make two or three more right after that and the train continued. I was listening to Tha Carter II on the way to class the other day and I remembered every word to it. I used to listen to it religiously and it was so dope.

Then he went commercial.

See, the first two albums in his trilogy were not registering on the radar. Wayne wasn’t very promoted and his songs didn’t get much radio play. He had a gem (I Miss My Dawgs) in which he came out and said he missed the old Cash Money click. This, you could say, was the beginning of modern emotion in rap songs. Then, out of nowhere, Lil’ Wayne started to hop on the mixtape tip. He was putting out mixtapes left and right and didn’t stop. He started doing this with Dedication 1 & 2 (2 still being one of my favorite mixtapes ever) and then The Drought Is Over and then The Drought.

It was then when he got the notoriety he was looking for.

He was guest starring on everyone’s records and he was still dropping gems. I was still listening to him and he was taking me back to the lyrical days of hip hop.

Then he got a little too much notoriety.

Does Wayne need to be on everything? He’s on records with Keri Hilson. He’s on records with Jeezy. He’s on records with Kevin Rudolf (who, by the way, will never have another record. Ever). Carter III comes out and, because of his hype, everyone buys it. Well… teenagers buy this. Why do I say that? That’s the mass he’s appealed to now. The kids who will listen to Crank Dat and love it. The kids who will buy into This Is Why I’m Hot and have Super Sweet 16’s. So he sold a million in his first week. Good deal, Wayne.

Then he turned his back on his orgins.

He has too much fame and a false sense of power in hip hop. He’s on ESPN debating sports. First, he’s suing Mixtape DJ’s and now he’s suing people over a documentary portrayal. Is this really necessary? Suing other people to get more money? Seriously, Wayne, do you need more money? This isn’t even about the money, to me, anymore. This is about the hip hop game. He has a tattoo of ‘I am music’ on his face now. I guess the tattoo just adds to his ego. Since he is ‘music’, he can’t let other people get in the game and try to get recognition. I guess since he’s ‘music’ now, he has to bury people in the music business just like Triple H and The Undertaker bury people in the wrestling ring. Since he’s ‘music’ now he has to sell out.

Just like a lot of people in the music business has.

However, this isn’t regular selling out. Wayne has sold his soul. Now he’s trying to branch into rock music? I’m sorry, Wayne, but Prom Queen was a half a listen and then never again. It won’t make it anywhere. People aren’t interested in THAT big of a crossover. Heavy guitar and you trying to sing? You’re not Kanye.

Even though you raped the use of autotune way more than he did

Anyway… Wayne probably won’t read this but part of me wants him to. I want him to try and sue me. That would be funny. He’d get $5. I had to buy books for school, nukka. I’ll still hold my beliefs and I still have my soul in music.


Well… he just souled out.

– MX

  1. blackjaysus
    April 5, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Uh Oh, the Megatron has spoken.

    Good, good read … Alot of fame and success will make one forget who they are and change instantly.

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