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Would You Like A Sample?

December 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments


It continues. “Why do you sample, Kanye? Why do you have to take other people’s work and create good music out of it? Why don’t you make your shit from scratch? I mean, everyone else does it.”

Are we serious right now?

People have ALWAYS hated on Kanye for sampling but the dude has talent doing it. Can Swizz Beats take an Elton John song and make it hip hop? Can Just Blaze take something like a Tears For Fears song and make it his own? MTV.com/s Buzzworthy blog had an article about the 5 reasons Kanye can’t stop sampling. The reasons… are stupid.

Now, I don’t hate on a blogger’s grind or posts but this is fucking stupid. How are you going to say the number one reason that he samples is to meet more people and then blog about it. What the fuck do people have against Kanye? I mean, I know this is a joke or whatever but… seriously? This is the way I see it: Kanye samples to keep music alive.

Think about it… sampling timeless music keeps it alive in a new and fresh way. So… why make fun of someone who is appreciating music?

Anyways, you can read the bullshit blog after the jump.

– MX

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