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Gears 2: Combustible Map Pack

December 15, 2008


So last night on Spike Tv’s Video Game Awards, Epic announced on the show that they are releasing a map pack, and guess what? It’s already on the marketplace. Yeah, that’s right… it’s already up there. Here’s the info:

Explosive action takes center stage in these three new Gears 2 multiplayer maps: Flood, Gold Rush, and Fuel Station. Flood features a rising flow of Imulsion that drives the fight into close quarters. Infiltrate an Imulsion factory in Gold Rush, where multiple levels and volatile materials guarantee memorable encounters. Fuel Station delivers a dangerous battle around an abandoned refueling facility.

I mean, seriously… are you kidding me with this shit? They don’t have the time to patch a game that has broken matchmaking and multiplayer issues, but they have the time to release a new map pack for 800 MS Points?

Not only that, but it’s been what… 5 weeks since Gears 2 was released and they already have DLC out? That’s not taking into account that it takes 2+ weeks for new content to go through MS certification before it even goes live. That tells me that they were sitting on this content all along, and instead of putting it into the retail version, they decide to hold off and suck their fanbase dry just a little bit more. I mean, are you trying to drive away your fans? Is that your goal here?

I don’t know about any of your two.shotters, but I’m sorry… I’m not spending anymore on this game until they fix the current issues that has turned this game into one of the biggest disappointments of 2008.

Fix the game, then maybe… just maybe you’ll get your money.

Until then, fuck you Epic… fuck you.

– Sin

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