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Shop Till You Drop

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So now that everyone is resting comfortably in their homes after Black Friday, let me just get a few things off my chest that need to be said. You all ask the same question: Are you going out tomorrow? It’s the conversation starter of all conversation starters on Thanksgiving after you’ve eaten way too much food and you’ve watched blowout football games. What is the one thing people always respond with.

I’m not going out on Friday. People are crazy.

So explain this to me people. Why the fuck are people going out at 4AM Friday Morning? Is it worth the risk of losing your life?

Here’s the reason I write this post. DId you hear about the employee getting killed at a Walmart? Now, I don’t know about all of you but there isn’t a sale in the world that would make me want to trample someone. On top of that, the inconsiderate assholes still wanted to stay in Walmart because they wanted the deals. Don’t worry about the guy lying on the floor, dead, because you knocked him over and stepped on his body. Don’t worry about the man’s family who is going to celebrate a Christmas without their loved one because he was trying to work a little harder to make money to pay his bills. No, don’t worry about that.

Worry that you won’t be able to get that special deal that ONLY lasts for a few hours.

Seriously, people, the same shit happens every year. People rush into stores looking to spend money they don’t have on presents people won’t appreciate. People get attacked, in fights, or even killed over Black Friday. Why is this? Is this because we, as Americans, need to have the best deal at the best price? And why the fuck are we going crazy over a few sales when our economy is in the shitter? Shouldn’t that be priority number one? Nah, people don’t care about that. What do you want for Christmas?

Lemme go out at 4AM and get that for you.

It’s the sad state of America. Driving to work Friday, the local Target parking lot was busy as shit. My friend works at that Target and they had lines all the way back to the toy aisle. People love buying things they don’t need. People love going out and spending massive amounts of time trying to get things they think someone will like. Not me. I know exactly what I’m getting my parents, my sister, my girlfriend, her parents, and the like. What do I want for Christmas?

An Aaron Rodgers Jersey, an iPod Touch, and Volume 6 of ATHF.

Now, some people might enjoy the rush of waking up early and standing with the crowd and waiting. Personally, I don’t like large crowds of people. You know why? There’s always one person in the crowd that is going to fuck it up for everyone. It’s always like that. Just like if you’re at a party and there’s that one dude who pukes all over the nice white carpet or the girl who is too drunk that she smokes the wrong side of a cigarette and gets extremely sick. The people that trampled that innocent man ruined it for everyone else. So, in 2009, on Black Friday ask yourself the following question:

Do I really want to shop till I drop?

– MX

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